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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose an Aevon bike trailer ?

The use of a backpack or side bags is ill-adapted for your balance and handling of the bike. The backpack is difficult to carry if it weighs more than 3kg. In both cases, the extra load is located on the bike.

On the contrary, an Aevon single-wheel trailer enables you to distribute the load and put most of it above the wheel of the trailer. The center of gravity is closer to the ground, it enables to have a good handling of the trailer, even with a heavy load. You will not suffer from the weight on your shoulders anymore because of a heavy backpack.

Moreover, the Aevon exclusive hitch on the seatpost and the perfect rigidity of the frame insure dynamic characteristics : driving stability, easy handling (no limit in the rotation), etc … It also limits the mechanical stress put on the frame of the bike.

Choosing an Aevon bike trailer is choosing quality and the guarantee to be satisfied!

Why should I choose an Aevon single-wheel trailer ?

A single-wheel bike trailer is aerodynamic and very light. It is the best solution when you pull a load with the help of your legs only. Aevon single-wheel trailers will follow you in your trips and will not disturb the rotation, on roads or tracks. Finally, the advantage of the single-wheel trailer is obvious when tracks narrow down and where a 2-wheel trailer or bike with side bags would have to turn around.

Who might need an Aevon single-wheel trailer ?

An Aevon single-wheel bike trailer can be useful to any cyclist who would like to travel by bike or just do the daily chores (shopping, carrying material …) in an environment friendly way.

Is it easy to drive with an Aevon single-wheel trailer ?

Yes. It is very easy to cycle with an Aevon single-wheel trailer. Every person knowing how to ride a bike is able to pull a bike trailer behind his bike.

However, you may have to get used to adjustments, like planning a longer braking distance (make sure your brakes are able to take the burden of the extra load!) and take larger bends in narrow passages so the bike trailer will not touch anything.

How is an Aevon single-wheel trailer fixed to the bike ?

For reasons of stability, load distribution, stress on the frame of the bike and the trailer, an Aevon single-wheel trailer is fixed to the seat post with an exclusive hitch. It is delivered with a hich for seat post of various diameters from 25.0mm to 34,9mm (you find all available sizes in the product description). Of course, it is possible to order several hitches if you need to use the trailer with other bikes with different seat post diameters. If you bike is equipped with a quick fastening system of the seat post, you will not need any tool to attach or remove your Aevon single-wheel trailer.

Is it possible to disassemble an Aevon single-wheel trailer ?

Aevon single-wheel bike trailers are designed to be easy to use, sturdy and resistant to bad treatment. On all Aevon bike trailers, the beam and swing arm can be removed. The first can be removed in less than 30 seconds with an Allen wrench. The swing arm can be folded with no tool or also with an Allen wrench.

On STD 100 and STD 120 trailers, the crib bearing the charge is a single piece to insure the necessary resistance and rigidity. So the trailer stays light.

It is also possible to fold the crib completely and without tool on the KIT L80.

Do I need a special seat post to attach an Aevon trailer ?

No. There is no need for a special seat post to attach the Aevon trailer. You can use any aluminium seat post. However we strongly recommend against using composite material seat posts because they might wear away with time.

The exclusive Aevon hitch has been designed to offer amazing performances. For example you have no limit to the angle of the bike/trailer, very handy when you need to manoeuver. It also enables to limit the stress on the frame of the bike and the trailer. Both rotation axis are placed near the frame to avoid negative torque (lever arm effect) on the seat post. Thanks to this system, the bike trailer is always free on both axis, and whatever its position in relation to the bike. This also reduces the mechanical stress and improves the dynamic qualities of the trailer .

How can I buy an Aevon single-wheel trailer ?

Two options :

  • On the Internet : by following the links on each article which will lead you to Cycloboost shop.
  • At dealers : we have several dealers throughout the world.
  • Cycloboost Company is the owner of the brand and official dealer of Aevon trailers.

    Is the Aevon single-wheel trailer under guarantee ?

    Yes. The frame sof Aevon bike trailers are covered for 5 years from the purchase date. This guarantee covers the manufacturing defaults. However, damages due to a bad use or bad treatment of the trailer are not covered by the guarantee. Wear and tear pieces such as bearings, screws, tyres, air tubes … are not covered.

    Where can I find replacement pieces ?

    The bike trailer is very sturdy to avoid any mechanical problem during your trips. Despite everything, if you need to replace wear and tear pieces, you will have no problem finding them.

    The rear wheel is a standard 16-inch wheel for MTB hub with a gap between the 2 fork ends of 100mm. The bearings are standard waterproof industrial bearings. These can be bought in any store However do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we can plan the complete service of your trailer.

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