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Eurobike 2015

The electric bike trailer 250w has met its public during the Eurobike Show in Frierichshafen last week.

electric bike trailer

The testers were full of comments :

It’s amazingly light.’

I can’t feel it. I didn’t think it would be so easy to handle.’

Be careful about the corners, it’s quite a long carriage.’

All Aevon trailers can be equipped with a motor.

The KIT L80 and UNO 100 frames are able to accept a 250w motor.

The STD 100 is able to accept up to 1000w, with a 48v battery.

You need to get on long trips for several days ? Your consumption will be slightly lower with a 250w motor. BUT the battery with the best capacity, 20Ah, is only available in 48v.

You can expect to reach up to 100km autonomy, and even more, depending on your handling of the trailer. If you’re using the throttle at full speed all along, don’t expect more than 40km.

Yes, you can add a pedalling sensor, which enables you to adjust the power of the motor with the LCD display. Choose levels 1 to 3 for general use. Levels 4 and 5 are reserved for exceptional uses.

However, be careful at the start. If the trailer is not straight behind the bike, you may be surprised and tip over. The bike and trailer should be perfectly in line.

The LCD display levels has no effect on the throttle, which delivers the whole power instantly. So be careful when you use this device.

Any doubt on the electric bike trailer ? Come and meet us, here or at the next Eurobike, why not ?