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UNO 100 bike trailer

The UNO 100 bike trailer is the same size as the STD 100. However it is the cheapest one of the Aevon range. With no shock absorber, it is reserved for a use on roads.

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General description of the UNO 100 bike trailer

The road trailer

For a lower price, the UNO 100 bike trailer has the same quality and the same technical characteristics as the STD 100 single-wheel trailer. The UNO 100 however, is less multipurpose as it is exclusively dedicated to a use on road : it has no shock absorber. But it is still a ‘real’ Aevon trailer, token of reliability and high performance. It carries easily up to 100L of load.

Here are some pictures :

Aevon UNO 100 in town

Aevon UNO 100 in town

Aevon UNO 100 on country road

Aevon UNO 100 on country road

Aevon UNO 100 Zoom on the wheel

Aevon UNO 100 Zoom on the wheel

Aevon UNO 100 on country road

Aevon UNO 100 on country road

Aevon UNO 100 without bag

Aevon UNO 100 without bag

Uno 100 bike trailer: Users and press tests

User test by Marine

Marine travelled in Ireland with a Uno 100 bike trailer and gives her impression.

“One of my friends, who followed me in Iceland, tried it on difficult tracks : there was no damage and he could cycle like us, with a little less confort.”

“The load volume is huge, it is very pleasant to be able to take everything we need without trying desperately to close the bag.”

“We feel no difference in the driving and the balance compared to a bike with no trailer, it is very surprising ! It is possible to stand on the pedals to go uphill with no problem.”

Read the article on her blog

User test by Till

Till travelled with a Uno 100 single-wheel bike trailer in Canada and Laos and gives his impression.

Till and his wife love to travel, especially by bike.

“People are intrigued by our bike and trailer, they come to speak to us very easily.”

“Our trailer has followed us in our most challenging travels, it is easy to handle, practical, and we really appreciate to be able to make a U-turn”

Follow their adventures on their blog

Technical description of the bike trailer UNO 100

  • Frame in steel, high performances CrMo 4330
  • Anti-corrosion treatment of the frame before the painting
  • Conical cradle to facilitate the loading and removal of the luggage
  • New composite hitch on the seatpost offering an incredible freedom of movement and a great stability. Assembly without tools (59€)
  • Beam that can be disassembled quickly with a simple Allen wrench
  • Adjustable ground clearance to adapt the trailer to your use
  • High performance wheel of 16-inches (black colour, standard MTB Novatech hub with industrial interchangeable bearings, aluminium double wall rim, black stainless steel spokes, semi-slick tyre)
  • Safety kit : reflectors (3x), bright flag in 2 parts (to facilitate the storage), SKS mudguard
  • Weight : ~7 kg
  • Max size of the bag : L700 x l400 x h600 mm (~100 L)
  • Size when assembled : ~L1900 x l430 x h560 mm
  • Size when disassembled : ~L980 x l430 x h530 mm
  • Maximum load : 35 kg on the road
  • Finishing touch : frame & swing arm covered with a black mat coat with oxyde (this process offers great longevity and an excellent finishing touch without adding weight)